A Laser-Tribute to The Great P. C. Sorcar on his Birth Centenary
(Scanned from Anandbazar Patrika on February 23, 2013)

English Translation:

Dear father,

Years ago as an adolescent, I had my first exposure with art and light in the back stage of your magic shows. As I did many of the intriguing lighting systems for your shows, I learned how art could be mixed with science to create astonishing stage-art. Before I knew, I had found my own definition of magic - of art mixed with light - and I was enamoured with this new finding.

Since your passing, my interest in blending art with science took me to the USA where I earned an MSEE and continued to create my own magic in myriad ways under my nickname, Manick Sorcar. Even as I made Denver my new home and started a family, I continued to pursue my interest. Today, with your blessings I have managed to carve a niche for myself as an artist, animator and laserist. My animation films, all based on stories from India, have been telecast in the USA for the last 20 years in a row, bringing a host of awards from international film festivals. For my stage shows, I have tamed the sharp, fiercely bright ray of laser and used it as a harmless, soft painting brush, and have also successfully mixed performance of live actors seamlessly with 2-D and 3-D laser images on stage. For this, I was humbled to be recognized by two Oscar-equivalents of the laser industry. The credits for all these go to you, who kindled in me the interest in mixing art with science.

But confining this exciting magic of laser art to my shows was not my goal. I dreamt to share this exciting technology with my compatriots. As a first step towards that effort, last year I introduced India’s first formal educational course on “Laser for Art, Animation and Entertainment” as a part of the Illumination Engineering degree curriculum at Jadavpur University, which is now running full speed offering the students a new, exciting career opportunity. Lighting design books authored by me, and used as texts at universities in the USA and in India, came to a great aid to that goal. All these have been possible because of the hands-on experience and inspiration that I had from you.

After debating in my mind how to pay my tributes to you in a fitting manner on the occasion of your birth centenary, I felt, the best way was to present some of your magic items with laser. With that in mind, I flew out to Kolkata last December to perform with my team at Mahajati Sadan. The show ran packed house continuously for 10 days, much to the delight of the audience who enjoyed the items in the light of the 21 st century. At the lobby, I also held an exhibition of my artwork about you, where I displayed dozens of portraits made with laser and other types of media, which were promptly picked up by your admirers and curators.

Today, on this auspicious day of your birth centenary, my family members and I bow down to you to offer our Pranams and seek your everlasting love and blessings.

Manick Sorcar
and family
Shikha, Piya, and Payal

Denver, Colorado, USA




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