A scene from Woodcutter's Daughter
Sorcar released his latest animation, "The Woodcutters Daughter", in India on June 8th, 1999 and received rave reviews from newspapers, magazines and television stations. During Sorcar's short visit to India he was interviewed by several news stations including STAR NEWS, a very prestigious program which nationally telecasts highlighted news from various parts of India. Sorcar's visit and the release of his new production in India was the only news selected from the State of Bengal. The news segment was telecast several times on STAR NEWS and STAR TV in English, and Hindi, the national language of India. He was also interviewed by Khas Khabar, the most popular news TV program of the State of Bengal, which was telecast on Sunday evening, June 12th, 1999.
Selected Media Comments...

"Animation magic of Manick Sorcar...Manick Sorcar hypnotizes the press with his animation "The Woodcutter's Daughter"... There is a gold mine of fairy tales scattered all over our country, by transferring those onto screen Manick Sorcar honored our country, particularly the State of Bengal"

-Aaj Kaal, June10, 1999

"A return to roots....The real significance of Sorcar's work lies in a kind of two-way traffic. While the producer-director himself returns again and again to his roots to rediscover the Indian tradition of literature and lore, his work takes a little of Bengal to different parts of America and Europe. All his animation films are based on Indian fables but present the skill and sensitivity that make them acceptable abroad."

-The Statesman, June 25, 1999

"Animation wand! He has arrived in the city, not with his father's magic wand but with a new wonder in his pouch!"

-The Times of India, June 7, 1999

"Manick Sorcar, the animation magician"

-Ganashakti, June 13, 1999

"Manick Sorcar- the engineer outside and artist inside.....extraordinary scenery and ambiance, together with skillfully combined animation and live action are simply superb".

-Cold Field Times, June 14-20, 1999

"The PC magic. He, too, is a P.C. But Prafulla Chandra is not a sorcerer in the mold of his legendary father Protul....Still, if there is a Sorcar around, there must be magic in the air. So Prafulla Sorcar, known as "Manick" to friends, put the family wand in the closet and picked up a mouse - the kind a computer entails- and started making his own brand of magic"

-Ganashakti, June 13, 1999


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