Manick Sorcar's Laser Show at the Grand Gala Opening of Colorado Convention Center, Denver, USA

Colorado Convention Center

December 9, 2004:

Manick Sorcar's "Celebrate Denver: A Smile-High Laser Show", a highlight at the Grand Gala Opening of the Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, proved to be an unprecedented success! The laser show was shown on the hour, every hour starting at 5 PM until 10 PM – a total of six times - to cover the demand.
Each show had a packed audience, with people standing on the aisles. In fact it drew so many people at one time that Police had to intervene to avoid over crowding the space which was a cluster of four huge meeting rooms.

“Celebrate Denver: A Smile-high Laser Show” was a 15 minutes program, starting with a short speech by Manick Sorcar, followed by the laser spectacles. The twelve-minute laser-show captured the City's 146 year-old history presented through laser animation and spectacular over-head visual effects, in combination with intelligent lighting and music.

A view of the front of the stage
before the laser show

Manick Sorcar gives an introductory speech

The audience is taken to the laser world

In his speech Manick thanked the Convention Center authorities for having his show at the grand gala ceremony. He also thanked Ludvik Electric and BCER Engineering for sponsoring his show. Denver’s 146 year old history was parallel to that of a caterpillar going through ups and downs of life, he explained. In the show, the audience was lifted from their chairs to the spectacular laser-world of Sorcar, where they saw the caterpillar emerge as a colorful butterfly from the cocoon.
A captivated audience. People sat on the floor and
stood on the aisles as there was no room left!

One of the many dazzling laser effects

Lighting Designer of Record for the Convention Center:

The grand gala opening was for the $310 million expansion - making it one of the largest Convention Centers in the nation. The massive expansion and remodeling was the result of voter's approval in 1999, when city officials decided in expanding it to more than double the size of the existing facility to 2.2 million square feet on nine city blocks offering 584,000 sq. ft. of continuous exhibit space, 100,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, a 5000-seat lecture Hall, and a new 50,000 sq. ft. Great Ballroom.

The building's key design gestures along its two main facades: the thoroughfare along the west edge of downtown Denver and the opposing side that opens into the heart of downtown. A high-peaked, 662-foot long roof line and full-facade glass curtain wall on the thoroughfare side transform the Denver skyline like the opera house transformed Sydney, Australia. This canted, upward-cutting shape against Denver's skyline will be lit at night, a striking gesture of identity both for the building and the city.

Manick Sorcar’s electrical engineering company ‘Sorcar Engineering, Inc.’ is the Lighting Designer of Record for this project.
The show included laser portraits of ex-Mayor Wellington Webb (left) and present Mayor John Hickenlooper

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