Manick receives 2007 ILDA Artistic Award trophy
on board Carnival Imagination

September 10, 2008:

Manick Sorcar received the coveted ILDA 2007 Artistic Award trophy for the Best Laser Photography for his entry Reflection on board Carnival Imagination, cruising the Eastern Caribbean from September 8 to 13. On stage, it was handed by Dirk Baur of MidaLas, Germany at the award ceremony of the 2008 International Laser Display Association conference. The award ceremony took place at the Dynasty Lounge Galleria, professional theatre inside the ship.

The announcement of the winners were made earlier by ILDA on March 27, 2008, at their website. There was a total of 100 entries from 21 companies from around the world for the prestigious award. In laser photography, the international panel of judges unanimously selected Reflection of LaserLight Magic company for the First Place. The second place went to Laser Entertainment SRL of Italy, and third to Lightwave International of the USA. LaserLight Magic is Manick's company for laser shows.

Manick delivers his speech after receiving the ILDA Award trophy from
Dirk Baur, director of MediaLas company of Germany

Reflection: A laser-art and its photography by Manick Sorcar
Winner of the ILDA 2007 Artistic Award

Manick with Shikha at docking port of Nassau, Bahamas near Carnival Imagination

Inside Dynasty Lounge Galleria, professional theatre at the Carnival, Imagination.
From left clockwise: Tim Walsh, President of ILDA, Manick Sorcar of LaserLight Magic, Dirk Baur
of MediaLas, Germany, and Alex Hennig of LOBO, Germany

Manick had other reasons to be excited about; the image of his winning entry Reflection was on the cover of The Laserist, the official magazine of the ILDA, followed by a three page interview inside.

In the preface of "The Laserist Interview: Manick Sorcar", writes the editor:

"Manick Sorcar may be seen as an enigma, but it's much simpler just to call him 'Jekyll and Hyde'. The mediums he utilizes to produce art span far beyond lasers. Yet by day, he is a mild-mannered electrical engineer. The Laserist was fortunate enough to get Manick to speak with us about his formative years in the business, his dual carriers, and passion he brings to each moment on the planet"

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